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Call for Evidence

Terms of Reference

The Committee invites further written evidence focusing on the following issues:

  • How effective has the support provided by the Government been in addressing the impact of COVID-19 on tenants, landlords, rough sleepers and the homeless? 
  • What might the impact be of a second wave of coronavirus on homelessness and the private rented sector?
  • What estimates or data are available on the number of eviction notices served during the ban on evictions?
  • What are the best policy options for helping tenants with rent arrears caused by coronavirus?


Confidentiality and Anonymity: Please note that while you may request anonymity or confidentiality for your submission, a simple desire for privacy is not considered by the Committee to be a reason for redaction in itself, as committee inquiries are public processes in which submitters choose to participate. Unless there is a likelihood that the submission may potentially lead to adverse effects on family or others, we would be unlikely to grant anonymity.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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