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Call for Evidence

A new UK research funding agency

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee will inquire formally into the nature and purpose of this new UK research funding agency.

This will include:

  • What gaps in the current UK research and development system might be addressed by an ARPA style approach?
  • What are the implications of the new funding agency for existing funding bodies and their approach?
  • What should be the focus be of the new research funding agency and how should it be structured?
  • What funding should ARPA receive, and how should it distribute this funding to maximise effectiveness?
  • What can be learned from ARPA equivalents in other countries?
  • What benefits might be gained from basing UK ARPA outside of the ‘Golden Triangle’ (London, Oxford and Cambridge)?

The Committee would therefore welcome written submissions by Friday 31 July on the above points to inform the Government’s thinking behind the nature and purpose of ARPA and how it fits into the existing research and innovation ecosystem.

In light of the current circumstances, the evidence submission deadline for this inquiry is longer than usual and is subject to change.

This call for written evidence has now closed.

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