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Call for Evidence

Submitting written evidence to the inquiry on UK trade negotiations

Submit written evidence

The Committee welcomes submissions on some, or all, of the following points, on an ongoing basis. Submissions should be made using the UK trade negotiations inquiry page.  

Detailed guidance on giving written evidence to select committees is available here.

Terms of Reference

We welcome short submissions which answer any of the following questions:

  • To what extent is a consistent or coherent approach across trade negotiations necessary – and how well is the Department for International Trade (DIT) achieving this?
  • Are there tensions between the commitments made across agreements, and what impact might these have on current or future FTA negotiations?
  • How adequate and effective is the overall approach of DIT to trade negotiations?
  • How useful are DIT’s impact assessments for judging the value of FTAs – and how could impact assessments be improved?
  • How well is the Government taking account of the views and interests of stakeholders (including devolved nations, local government, businesses, consumers and civil society groups) in pursuing trade negotiations?
  • How well is the Government helping consumers, businesses and others prepare for new trade arrangements under FTAs?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the Government’s approach to FTA negotiations to date – and how can these best be applied in future negotiations?
  • How adequate and appropriate are the current arrangements for the scrutiny of trade negotiations – and how could they be improved?