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Call for Evidence

Economic impact of coronavirus

Please note that there is no requirement to answer all the questions in the Terms of Reference. It is acceptable for submissions to respond to only one or two questions in the TOR.

To what extent do Government measures protect viable jobs in the future and reduce the risk of long-term unemployment?

To what extent are Government measures value for money for the taxpayer?

How effective is the Government support to businesses and individuals across different regions and sectors? Does the effectiveness of the Government support vary across different regions?

What lessons can be learnt from the different approaches undertaken by the nations in the UK to combatting the coronavirus?

What impact will a second lockdown have on the economy? How should the Government best support the economy if intermittent lockdowns become a feature over the next year?

What changes to the economy are now permanent?

       • What difference will the discovery of a vaccine and/or treatment make?

       • Will behavioural changes such as working from home necessitate structural changes, whether or not a vaccine is discovered?

How large a problem is corporate indebtedness? How effectively did the financial sector give assistance to businesses?

       • Is there a need for a new state sponsored investment bank? If so, what should it do?

What improvements can be made to institutions to ensure that responses to crises like these are more robust in the future and policy makers have the data they need? What further analysis should the Government do and make transparent?

What are the consequences of high national debt? What should the new fiscal rules be?

The Spending Review was originally due in the Autumn 2019 but has now been postponed for more than a year. How robust is it in times of crisis?

How effectively did the Government work with the Bank of England? Was fiscal and monetary policy well-co-ordinated? Do there need to be changes to the monetary and fiscal framework?

What are the productivity challenges in the wake of the coronavirus crisis?

      • How has the crisis impacted on innovation and technological development? What problems could technology solve and what problems will it cause?


This call for written evidence has now closed.

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